today, april 20th, is the perfect day to sit around and listen to some reggae/rock all day long. i made a sweet playlist which is made up of: bag of toys, bob marley, the expendables, long beach dub allstars, natural incense, pepper, rebelution, slightly stoopid, soja, sublime, and 311.

bowl for two - the expendables

sunny hours - long beach dub allstars

ashes - pepper

this is a live version of the song, because i fucking love it. the extra opening singing, the crowds energy, it’s clearly just a dope time. one of the bands i was in used to cover this song, it was a lot of fun.

feelin’ alright - rebelution

song filled with some nice guitar rifts.

wiseman - slightly stoopid

this is also a live version of the song. most of the recordings people find out there are acoustic, but this version is better.

here i am - s.o.j.a

look at these white boys rocking dreads!

summertime - sublime

'and the livin's easy'

wise ash - pepper / slightly stoopid

a wicked mix of two of the songs on my playlist. 

some of my favorite bands are on here. these songs are only a few selections off of my playlist titled ‘stoopid’, but they are good tunes. this playlist will bring you back to the summer days of driving around with your windows down, walking through the streets of the city in tshirts and feeling great, hanging out on the beach, and just beautiful days after another. who doesn’t love summer? 

sit back, relax, and enjoy the music. take it easy.